Investment Management for
High Net Worth Individuals

There are many steps in preparing for your financial future.  Our goal is to help you navigate those steps and continue to build wealth through a personalized investment portfolio and financial plan.
For those with $1,000,000+ of investable assets.

Our approach is rooted in the foundation of active engagement and open dialogue. We believe that you should be able to look at your portfolio and answer the following questions: What do I own? Why do I own it? And how does it fit into my financial plan? Our core belief is that neither the investment portfolio nor the financial plan is monolithic but should be tightly aligned. 

Every client has unique circumstances, goals, and objectives. You are encouraged to be involved in the process, while having confidence in the expertise and services that we provide. Partnering together to set and achieve your goals is the best way to bring about success, so we will work alongside you to develop a relationship as your trusted advisor and to prepare you for the financial decisions that life brings.

What To Expect As Our Client


your goals
and objectives.

A comfortable retirement, college funding, continuing your legacy, charitable contributions… the list is endless.  We work with you to outline and prioritze your goals.


your tolerance
for risk.

Historically, over longer periods of time, the more risk you took, the better your return would have been. Would you feel comfortable with additional volatility in your portfolio, or is a conservative approach better for you? 


an appropriate
asset allocation.

The primary goal of asset allocation is to provide a smoother ride through periods of volatility during normal market cycles. Our process incorporates your long-term needs and your risk tolerance to develop an appropriate asset allocation.


Develop and
your financial plan.

A well-developed plan is only as good as its execution. This plan could cash flow planning, retirement planning, estate planning, tax planning, and other financial planning disciplines. Our team will keep you informed throughout the implementation process. 


Monitor, adjust
and rebalance
your investment

We monitor and make discretionary changes to your portfolio based upon our research and your needs, Rebalancing your portfolio to your desired asset allocation ensures that your portfolio is not taking undesired risk. 


Build a long-
with you.

We want to become your trusted advisor and build a long-term relationship with you. Consistent review of your financial plan and goals will help to make that happen.

Our Investment Philosophy

Tax-Focused Investment Management
Open Architecture, No Commissions Tied to Investment Advice
Unbiased Due Diligence – No Proprietary Products
Diversified Global Portfolios
Alternative Investment Platform (Private Equity, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Venture Capital)
Socially Responsible Investment Platform Available (SRI/ESG)

Additional Investment Management Services

Dedicated Point of Contact

Product / Manager Research and Selection

Risk Tolerance Review

Individualized Portfolio Construction

Investment Policy Statement Development

Quarterly Performance Reporting

Trade Execution


Assistance with Cashiering Services & Account Maintenance

Ultra High Net Worth Platform

Values-Based Investment Platform

Income Tax Planning Support

Tax Loss Harvesting

Charitable Gift Planning with Appreciated Securities

Tax Impact Analysis

Use of Taxable vs. Tax-Free Investments

Income Tax Planning Support

Charitable Gift Planning with Appreciated Securities

Tax Impact Analysis

Use of Taxable vs. Tax-Free Investments

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