Advisory Services

We offer a definable, measurable, and repeatable process for governing retirement plans that meets industry best practice standards and the requirements set forth under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended (ERISA).


We simplify the complexities that plan sponsors face, and embrace our status as a fiduciary.

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Investment Policy Statement (IPS) Drafting & Review

A properly drafted IPS can be a valuable tool to help plan fiduciaries manage their investment-related risk, while also optimizing decision-making and satisfying documentation requirements.

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Investment Selection & Monitoring

We offer a prudent process to analyze, select, monitor, and replace investments. Our reports document that process concisely, facilitating effective investment decision-making and limiting fiduciary liability.

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Model Asset Allocation Portfolios

We provide a suite of risk-based models that are comprised solely of the plan’s standalone investment options.

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Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA) Recommendation & Review

We explain, analyze, and document the required considerations for QDIA status, and recommend solutions that align with a plan’s goals and demographics.


We help plan sponsors satisfy many of their responsibilities under ERISA by leveraging our industry experience and resources.

governance documentation

We review plan operations to ensure that they align with predefined goals, and evaluate potential enhancements. The basis of all recommendations are documented in order to support a prudent process of evaluation.


Hiring a service provider in and of itself is a fiduciary function that requires substantiation to the reasonableness of fees paid. We offer the tools, resources, and expertise necessary to support provider selection and retention through benchmark analysis and Request for Proposals (RFPs).


We are dedicated to helping participants get the most out of their retirement plan experience. We offer on-site group and individual meetings, a toll-free solutions center, webinars, and many other resources aimed at improving participant outcomes.


We empower plan sponsors to improve participant outcomes by analyzing and reacting to the strengths and weaknesses that are derived from plan demographic reports.

Fiduciary Assessment

Our specialized and credentialed retirements plan advisors can evaluate many aspects of a plan’s governance in order to determine fee reasonableness, and to what degree the plan complies with industry best practice standards and applicable regulatory requirements.

How effective is your retirment plan management process?

* Advisory services and consulting are provided through
Schneider Downs Wealth Management Advisors, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.

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