We specialize in the design and management of custom investment portfolios

To best serve you, our client, we believe in an adherence to a process, rather than a product. This knowledge-based approach enables us to provide creative thinking, comprehensive services and customized solutions to a wide variety of clients.

We strive to minimize volatility in your portfolio, with a bias toward low-cost products. Our sensitivity to cost and how it impacts returns is one of the principles that appeals to our clients.

Developing an appropriate asset allocation mix for you is a critical step in our process. We avoid trying to time the market, opting instead for a steady, long-term approach. Our philosophy also stresses the importance of broad diversification and tax efficiency.

By evaluating and revaluating both your goals and the pool of products at our disposal, we strive to put you in the best position to benefit from the potential growth in all of the various asset classes, sectors and industries.

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Ideal Client Profile

Investment Management Services:

  • Risk tolerance assessment
  • Individualized portfolio construction
  • Cashiering and account maintenance services
  • Quarterly consolidated performance reporting
  • Rebalancing
  • Product / manager research
  • Ongoing investment allocation review