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I Want Mine, but How? Social Security Strategies

You are now ready to claim. You’ve done your research, decided your “when” but now what about strategies? Social Security employees do

| 9.1.2019

Wealth Management Newsletter - September 2019

We are always delighted by the vacation stories, pictures, and tips that our clients share with us. Both Nancy and Vicky took awesome summer trips and

The Stages of Wealth - Wealth Creation

This article was originally published in Wedgewood Life magazine and is reprinted with their permission. In our May article, we laid out some basic personal

The Stages of Wealth

This article was originally published in Wedgewood Life magazine and is reprinted with their permission. Although everyone’s situation is different,

The IRS turns its focus to cryptocurrency

On July 26, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Internal Revenue Service has mailed letters to over 10,000 cryptocurrency holders warning that those

| 8.1.2019

Participant Newsletter - August 2019

All approach retirement, some sooner than others. To enjoy your retirement years and not be a burden on family members, it is essential that you save sufficient assets to carry you through your retirement. No one knows precisely the amount of assets you will need for a comfortable retirement, but the more you save now, the more comfortable you are likely to be at retirement.

| 7.29.2019

James Moyer is featured in What Happens Now highlighting financial planning for College Grads.

College grads have some hard decisions to make about their financial future. James gives some sound advice in Financial Planning FYIs for College Grads

I Want Mine, but When? Social Security Claiming

Just when should you start claiming Social Security? The easy answer is to postpone claiming as long as possible. If you delay until after your full retirement

| 7.1.2019

Plan Sponsor Newsletter - Summer 2019

This e-newsletter provides us with an exciting way to communicate insightful articles, industry specific news and developments within our firm. We are confident the articles and announcements included in our e-newsletter will become a valuable and respected source of information for you.

| 6.30.2019

2Q19 Market Commentary

Prepared by Schneider Downs Wealth Management Advisors, L.P.

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