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Manufacturing in the New Normal

The manufacturing industry has been described as being at the dawn of a Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), the early stages of an era of technological

Perspectives on Remote Working in the Age of COVID

How much can we talk about “unprecedented” or “unusual” times? For more than six months now, all of us have had to make changes

The Pandemic Effect on the Lease Accounting Standard 842

If there is any one thing we can thank the pandemic for, it is the delay in the Accounting Standard Codification Topic 842 (ASC 842). Public companies

U.S. Car Manufacturing at Risk?

The automotive industry plays a major role in the United States’ economy, comprising approximately 4% of the country’s economic output each

Business Interruption Claims and COVID-19 Part Two

(This is an update to Tom Pratt’s April 6, 2020 article, Business Interruption Claims and COVID-19) Many businesses throughout the country continue

IRS Notice 2020-52 Makes Midyear Change To Safe Harbor Plans

On June 29, the IRS issued Notice 2020-52, offering welcome relief for plan sponsors that find themselves in a difficult financial situation as a result

The Coronavirus Impact on Infrastructure

Some might think being quarantined at home due to the COVID19 global pandemic would have a positive effect on our infrastructure. Fewer vehicles on roadways

Construction Industry Faces Continuing Labor Supply Struggles

Over the last decade, the labor shortage in the construction industry has consistently ranked as one of the sector’s top pain points. At the moment,

Temporary 100% Deduction of Business Meals Proposed by Senate Republicans

Senate Republicans proposed a series of bills on July 27 to address the current economic impact of the coronavirus. These bills are still in the negotiating

Staying Ahead of The Curve

Never before has the business environment for manufacturers been more rapidly changing. Over the past couple decades, manufacturing companies have invested

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