Across the country, individuals and entities alike are struggling with their efforts to find the best investment design structure for their future security, fiduciary responsibilities and specific needs and goals.

Further complicating this dilemma has been the meltdown of the investment markets in 2008. The impact of two historic bear markets in ten years has not only been financial but psychological as well. Confidence and optimism about the future have been replaced with insecurity and a fear that financial independence at retirement is at risk even after a lifetime of hard work and diligent planning.

In our opinion, this crisis and lack of confidence in the current American retirement system and the financial insecurity that accompanies it will bring change on many levels. The good news, at least from our perspective, is that change is needed, and it will be positive for those who embrace it and are proactive about making adjustments or even changing direction. We strongly believe that economic value and retirement security can still be created for those following “best practices” that result in meaningful and measurable progress toward acceptable outcomes.

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