The Voyage Program

We understand that financial decisions can be complex throughout all stages of life, and the process of building wealth looks different for everyone.  As a result, we’ve developed the Voyage program.

Our collaborative approach allows you to be involved in the process while having confidence in the expertise and services that we provide.  Because we believe that working together to set and achieve goals is the best way to bring about success, we will work alongside you to develop a relationship as your trusted advisor and to prepare you for the financial decisions that life brings.  As your financial needs change, our team will work with you to develop new strategies and incorporate more services into your plan to keep you on track.

Financial Planning Services

Investment Management Services

We are committed to providing you financial advice and guidance throughout your lifetime.  Our program offers a suite of financial planning services and resources for every step of your journey. By combining the interlocking pieces, we are able to create a holistic, dynamic view of your financial picture. Plans are continuously monitored, and updated with new data, in order to produce the clearest financial picture possible.

As a Registered Investment Adviser, we take pride in our fiduciary role and are committed to working in your best interest.  From selecting investment options to keeping you focused on your long-term financial goals, our collaborative approach to financial planning provides proactive solutions and investment options to help you stay on track.

Additional Services Available Through Schneider Downs & Co. Affiliates*

Estate Planning 

Last Will & Testament

Financial Power of Attorney

Health Care Power of Attorney

Living Will

Tax Preparation

* Tax and legacy planning services are offered through Business & Succession Planning Advisors, LLC (“BSPA”). Investment management services are provided through Schneider Downs Wealth Management Advisors, LP. Each service may require you to sign a separate engagement agreement that will outline the services to be provided and the respective fees. Please note BSPA is a separate legal entity and is not affiliated with Schneider Downs. Legal services provided by BSPA may not be available in every state due to licensing requirements.

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