Retirement Plan Risk Assessment

How Effective is Your Retirement Plan Management Process?

Managing all that is required to run an effective and compliant employer-sponsored retirement plan takes a thorough understanding of what is required and a commitment to getting it done right.

As an employer, you can take steps to help ensure your plan is successful. Answer the following questions to see how well you are fulfilling your responsibilities as a plan sponsor.

Do you have your plan's goals and objectives formally documented?
Do you have a formal Investment Policy Statement, and is it referenced during plan reviews?
Do you formally review your plan investments against appropriate benchmarks and peers at least annually?
Have you put in place a process to comply with fee disclosure requirements?
Do you know what your plan's expenses are, and can you support via documentation that they are reasonable?
Do you know how the provisions (matching rates, etc.) in your plan compare to industry averages?
Have you checked with your employees to see how well they understand the plan features and what information they need to make better investment decisions?
Do you measure the effectiveness of your participant education program within the context of your plan demographics?
Do you have a definable, measurable, and repeatable process in place to monitor all aspects of your plan?
Do you document the minutes of your retirement plan committee meetings?
Do you know who is considered a fiduciary to your retirement plan?
Do you have a documented governance structure in place for plan oversight?
Do you understand your roles and responsibilities as a Fiduciary under the Prudent Expert Standard under the Employees Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended (ERISA)?
Are your plan fiduciaries receiving fiduciary education (e.g. regulatory updates, case law review, etc.) at least annually?
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