Q2-22 – Bad Markets Don’t Last Forever: Keeping Perspective Amid Market Volatility

“As I sit down to write this quarterly letter over the 4th of July holiday weekend, it struck me that an event that happens once a year, honoring the same event every year (Independence Day!), is still so incredibly important to my life and to our country. The reason the 4th of July holiday resonates with us is that once a year we are reminded of the bravery of the 56 delegates at the Second Continental Congress who signed the Declaration of Independence at great risk to them and their families and thus gave birth to a nation. More simply put, it resonates with us because it provides us with perspective (the hot dogs, barbeque, cheeseburgers, adult beverages, and fireworks help too!). More to come on this idea of perspective and how it can help us as investors get through the difficult times that we currently find ourselves in later in this letter…” Click here to finish reading the Q2-22 Market Commentary.

Prepared by Schneider Downs Wealth Management Advisors, L.P.

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