Q4-21 – Over in an Instant: 2021 A Year Well Spent Living in the Moment

“For as long as the year 2020 seemed to last with a toxic cocktail of worsening news about the Coronavirus, rolling lockdowns, and a particularly contentious political season, the following year, 2021, seemed over in an instant. Sporting events had fans in the stands, children returned to school full time in the fall, holidays were spent with our families, and my beloved Cleveland Browns reverted back to crushing my soul. The ability to return to normalcy quickened the pace of 2021 in a fashion that was unexpected, yet wholeheartedly welcomed. For those of you who listen to podcasts, it felt like 2021 was being played at 1.5x speed. Capital markets were strong and correspondingly, portfolios were up, real estate values soared, and wages began growing again – 2021 was as strong of a rebound year as any of us could have hoped for after the long slog that was 2020. People savored every moment spent together, and rightfully so…” Click here to finish reading the Q4-21 Market Commentary.

Prepared by Schneider Downs Wealth Management Advisors, L.P.

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