Positioning 401(k) Plans in Order to Mitigate Risk and Improve Participant Outcomes

Managing all that is required to run an effective and compliant qualified retirement plan demands a thorough understanding of governing rules and regulations and a commitment to established processes and procedures. This webinar will provide a fundamental understanding of the oversight responsibilities inherent in offering a 401(k) Plan, and will expound on strategies to improve participant ‘retirement readiness’ and their respective use-cases.


Additional Webinars

Maximizing 401(k) Contributions through Effective Plan Design
This webinar discusses a number of plan design options available to 401(k) plan sponsors to help boost participant savings rates. Topics include traditional safe harbor design options; automatic enrollment features, including the “QACA” safe harbor; age-weighted and cross-tested profit sharing allocation formulas; and nonqualified deferred compensation plans for key employees.

Behavioral Finance Applied to Qualified Plan Menu Design
This webinar explores the impact that psychology can have on investor behavior, and how the construction of qualified retirement plan investment menus can improve long-term investor outcomes.

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About Schneider Downs Retirement Solutions

With offices in Pittsburgh, Columbus and Washington D.C., Schneider Downs Retirement Solutions encompasses two specialized firms that combine their expertise to meet each client’s specific needs.

SDWMA strives to simplify the complexities of sponsoring and participating in a retirement plan. Our specialized team of advisors and consultants provides objective advice and expertise to help plan sponsors govern their retirement plans appropriately, mitigate risk, improve participant outcomes, and support efficient and compliant plan operations.

Schneider Downs Retirement Solutions (SDRS) performs retirement plan consulting, recordkeeping and/or third-party administrative services for qualified and nonqualified retirement plans. These services typically include design and plan documentation, compliance testing, reporting, distribution services, plan corrections and consulting for retirement plans. A dedicated and specialized group in employee benefit plan compliance and administration, SDRS completes more than 300 Form 5500 filings annually and serves as the third-party plan administrator to more than 125 plans.

We offer a definable, measurable and repeatable process for governing a retirement plan that meets industry best practice standards and the requirements set forth under ERISA.


Schneider Downs Wealth Management Advisors, LP (SDWMA) is a registered investment adviser with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). SDWMA provides fee-based investment management services and financial planning services, along with fee-based retirement advisory and consulting services. Material discussed is meant for informational purposes only, and it is not to be construed as investment, tax or legal advice. Please note that individual situations can vary. Therefore, this information should be relied upon when coordinated with individual professional advice. Registration with the SEC does not imply any level of skill or training.

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