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David Brinkman provides recommendations on what to do with your tax refund.

Have you ever wondered how you should spend your tax refund? David Brinkman, investment relationship manager with Schneider Downs Wealth Management Advisors

James Moyer discusses the importance of financial guidance for wealthy children.

James Moyer discusses the importance of financial guidance for wealthy children in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s article titled “From helicopters

Will there be a Santa Claus rally? Jason Staley tells all.

Jason Staley gives insight into the stock market year, and if Santa Claus will bring a little something extra in the month of December.

| 10.18.2019

A married couple should do this to get the most from Social Security

Victoria Rogers gives strategies available for couples looking to maximize Social Security income in A married couple should do this to get the most from

| 7.29.2019

James Moyer is featured in What Happens Now highlighting financial planning for College Grads.

College grads have some hard decisions to make about their financial future. James gives some sound advice in Financial Planning FYIs for College Grads

| 4.16.2019

Dan Napierkowski relates how single income couples can boost retirement savings

The spousal IRA is a great opportunity for single income couples to save more for retirement. Read Dan’s take in the NerdWallet article “Spousal

| 12.10.2018

Nancy Skeans offers thoughtful financial counsel to the rising number of couples choosing cohabitation without marriage.

As more couples choose to live together, they need to “have the finance talk first” as Nancy reminds us in the Forbes Magazine article “The

| 9.28.2018

David Brinkman recommends education to prepare for uncertain market times.

Using the Great Recession as a template, David counsels us to learn how a portfolio may perform in the planadviser article “Helping Participants

| 1.30.2018

Jason Staley tackles the question of how the new tax law affects muni bond holders.

State tax deductions changes may change the appeal of Munis. Read Jason Staley’s thoughts in the Financial Advisor IQ article “Why Munis Won’t
Wealth Management
| 11.30.-0001

7 Retirement Savings Mistakes

Saving for retirement is confusing — it’s no surprise we make mistakes along the way. Luckily, there are strategies to get back on track.

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