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| 9.1.2019

Wealth Management Newsletter - September 2019

We are always delighted by the vacation stories, pictures, and tips that our clients share with us. Both Nancy and Vicky took awesome summer trips and

| 6.1.2019

Wealth Management Newsletter - June 2019

If you're like us, you waited all winter for the warm, sunny days of summer, only to be greeted by what seems like an endless string of gray and rainy days.

| 3.1.2019

Wealth Management Newsletter - March 2019

Spring, we thought it would never arrive! And as of this writing, it really still hasn't, except on the calendar. Watching the change of seasons is one way to mark the passage of time. Watching the changes in the markets is another. In this letter, David Brinkman talks about the last 10 years in the U.S. large company market, along with a few examples of the importance of tax-efficient investing.

| 12.1.2018

Wealth Management Newsletter - December 2018

As we all celebrate the holidays at this time of year, it often involves gifts. When we struggle to find that one perfect gift for someone, it's always

| 9.1.2018

Wealth Management Newsletter - September 2018

Most of us picture the image above when we hear the word harvest. But when it comes to your portfolios, there's a very different definition of the word that can make all the difference for you at tax time. Our team member, Alissa M. Shawl, has written the article below to explain what tax loss harvesting means for the average investor.

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